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Developed social media strategy and created content for Beau Britches

Content Creation / Photography / Social Media Strategy


Beau Britches is a women's activewear stockist, sourcing luxury sports brands and making them available in the UK.

Beau Britches was founded in 2016, and initially was mainly an offline brand - their products were available solely at their regular pop-ups across the UK. While this allowed them to build some solid individual customer relationships, they were struggling to connect these customers to a wider community.

Their website was well-established but was unable to foster a community feel in the same way that social media is able to do. Social media, particularly Instagram, invites communication and allows brands to connect with their audience. 

Setting Goals

We began by establishing the main goals for the Instagram page, and KPIs for each goal. 

We created goals based on the website and previous Instagram structures and used these to define our content strategy. Here are a few of the goals we were working towards:

  • Keep people informed about pop-ups
    Let people know when and where the next pop-up would be held.

  • Showcase new products/brands
    Create content that encourages engagement & website traffic

  • Increase brand awareness & Instagram following
    Widen the reach of Instagram and interact with users to convert them to followers


I worked with influencers and ambassadors to create unique content.

I sourced carefully selected influencers and brand ambassadors who Beau Britches then partnered with. I worked with the influencers and ambassadors to create inspiring content that could be shared across different mediums, both online and offline. This expanded the brand's reach and enabled them to access their target audiences via trusted industry voices. I created an assortment of creative assets - videos, gifs, photos, and graphics. These were used in a selection of resources:

  • Instagram posts

  • Instagram stories

  • Website content

  • Facebook posts

  • Brand packaging

  • Offline branding (banners, flyers, business cards...)


We began creating and distributing content across the platform.

Maintaining a consistent brand voice was a key element of Beau Britches' Instagram strategy. We created original content as well as reposting content from prolific accounts within our industry, resulting in improved engagement.


A community began to develop, in addition to regular brand engagement.

We maintained continued communication from the brand on both a macro and micro level, ​in turn, we saw a spike in interaction from users. These then converted to sales, as people began visiting the pop-ups and the website. The brand has since launched their eCommerce site, as there was an increasing call for the brand to be more accessible, particularly to those who were unable to attend the pop-up events. 

The visuals I created during my time working with Beau are still used as campaign and sales assets today, in addition to the Brand Guidelines and the content structure for the social page.

Noteworthy: Beau Britches was invited to be part of a Women's Health activewear photoshoot as a direct result of the Instagram campaign.

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