Nadia Ouzbara Coaching Website Design

Personal Training website design and branded asset development.

Brand Creation / UX Design / Adobe Photoshop


Nadia coaches women on their fitness and nutrition to help them feel confident, strong and fit.

Nadia was a personal trainer based in London looking to adjust her business to focus more heavily on online coaching, rather than face-to-face training. This would create a more scalable and sustainable business model.

The main goal of the website was to provide a means of capturing leads for Nadia and develop a degree of marketing automation for the follow-up email communications and consultation booking for prospective clients.

In order to meet the business' requirements and improve the user experience of the site, we embarked on a redesign of the key platform resources: the homepage, the about us page and the contact us page. I worked with Pink to lead the design and UX improvements to the website redesign.

Setting Goals

The process began by gathering feedback from first-time users to job hunting regulars.

Based on their common pain points while using the site and searching for jobs, I created aspirational user goals and design prompts to explore initial low-fidelity solutions.

Here are few we explored:


  • Help me find jobs more easily 
    How can we find ways to save them time while job hunting?

  • Make it more personal to me
    How can we offer a more personalised experience and show them more relevant roles?

  • Help me get to know the employers better
    How can we best showcase what an employer has to offer them?

  • Make me feel better about the job search process
    How can we positively reinforce ongoing engagement and loyalty to the platform throughout a user's career?


We tested low-fidelity changes and updates to the platform to see what users responded to. 

Exploration focused on bringing a clearer identity to the brand through restructuring homepage elements and adding strategic calls to action. On the business side, I maintained a level of promotional opportunities without compromising the overall user experience.


I developed an easy-to-update modular design system based on what resonated most during testing.

Below are a few examples of the high-fidelity wireframes I designed.





Final Design

A clear and detailed design draft of pages made it easy for the external team to reference.

Madgex, Only Marketing Jobs' hosting platform, carried out the design implementation and development of the various websites. See below for examples of the mobile-optimised final version.

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