Only Marketing Jobs Product Design

Designed and created products for Only Marketing Jobs as well as R&D projects for future use within the company.

User Research / Product Strategy / UX Design


Only Marketing Jobs works with leading brands and agencies to connect them to top industry talent.

The concept of 'employer branding' has become increasingly prevalent within the hiring industry over recent years. Companies of all sizes have begun to recognise hiring someone who is a 'culture fit' to be as important as hiring someone who is qualified for the role. With this in mind, Only Marketing Jobs wanted to develop a product that allowed employers to showcase themselves to prospective applicants and attract the best, most relevant talent.

59% of organisations are investing more in employer branding compared to last year.

Previously, job adverts consisted primarily of large blocks of text, and a heavy focus on what was expected of whoever took on the role, with minimal mention of what made the company an enjoyable place to work. 

The primary value of the job adverts was placed on the company's requirements, rather than those of the jobseekers, making for a frustrating user journey for those looking for their next role. The listings were not aligned with the improved UX that Only Marketing Jobs was creating across their platform.

In order to improve the jobseeker journey and better match applicants to roles, I worked with Only Marketing Jobs to create a new product that functioned across all devices and enabled employers to incorporate their own branding and visuals into their advertising.


Assessing the current situation

Only Marketing Jobs was keen to reimagine the 'standard' job advert and inject some of the personality of the brands for whom they were advertising.

'Before' Version

User Journey

Explored concepts through user journey mapping and sketches


The exploration involved mapping the jobseeker journey during the application process and using job board data to establish key touchpoints and opportunities to capture and retain applicants. Initial sketches began through conversations with the team, and we narrowed discussions down to five key processes: “Show me the job, tell me more about the job, help me imagine how I would fit in, let the company inspire me, and let me explore what else I might like.”

The focus was placed on ensuring that all pertinent information was shown at relevant points throughout the search journey, which we tested using heat mapping tools and user research.


I created some 'basic' templates within a strip format so that clients could select elements to include. 

Below are three example templates that were used as a starting point for the final products that went live on the site. We were able to tailor each page with company branding and unique information, but the templates offered the customers a foundation for their listing.

Final Designs

The templates were developed individually for each client and then built-in HTML/CSS.

Each page was fully responsive, as many of Only Marketing Jobs' users visited the site on mobile. We ensured that the adverts looked as good on smaller screens as they did in a web browser.

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